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Adjusting a Model

Advice and support for a mortgage

The safe way to a mortgage that works for you

Feeling like the dream of your own home is slipping away?

Worried about monthly payments that will lower your quality of life?

Deterred by the bureaucracy and pitfalls on the way to a mortgage?


You are not alone! Taking out a mortgage is a financial event that will impact your quality of life for many years. Lack of in-depth understanding of the field, combined with information overload and frequent changes in the market, create concerns on the path to a mortgage. Any mistake or, conversely, any missed opportunity - can be very costly. Mortgage consulting will help you make the best decisions in the mortgage process and make necessary adjustments over the years in a way that will save you tens of thousands of shekels, help maintain the desired quality of life, and increase your financial security and peace of mind.


Key points in mortgage consulting:

Adapting the mortgage track to the family's needs and repayment capabilities
Obtaining the best terms from the banks
Solving problems and challenges that arise during the process



If you are about to buy your first home, upgrade your home, buy an investment property in Israel or abroad, or want to refinance an existing mortgage to improve the terms - I will be happy to help you!


You have three guidance options:

Mortgage Consulting & Guidance | Premium Mortgage Consulting & Guidance | Focused Mortgage Consulting.

Mortgage Consulting & Guidance

A basic mortgage guidance track that provides financial advice for savings and building a mortgage portfolio, including needs mapping, submissions to banks and financing institutions, and negotiation to obtain the best terms, up to the signing stage at the selected bank. The guidance provides professional support for standard mortgage cases, ensures optimal handling with the banks, generates financial savings and peace of mind.

Premium Mortgage Consulting & Guidance

The Premium track provides financial advice for savings and building a mortgage portfolio and accompanies you step-by-step throughout the process: from needs mapping, through submissions to financing institutions, negotiation to obtain the best terms, until actually receiving the money. The service includes communication with lawyers, appraisers and insurers, provides full security throughout the process, and comprehensive professional support for legal, regulatory, credit, financing and other issues that may arise.

Suitable for people who want VIP treatment, and especially recommended for complex cases (investors, age issues, insurance rejects, multiple properties, debtors, foreign residents, kibbutzim, etc.).

Focused Mortgage Consulting

The focused track provides a financial consulting session for mortgage savings, including needs mapping, mortgage portfolio building, and guidance for negotiation with banks. Focused consulting is suitable for home buyers or mortgage refinancers in the category of simple transactions who want to operate independently with the various entities.

Undecided about the track that suits you best?

In a preliminary phone call, we will go over your unique needs together and I will help you make a decision.

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