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Family Moments

customers recommend

Meir Binder accompanied us over a long period until the mortgage was approved. The escort was professional, high quality, serious, accessible, available and always with a lot of patience and care to maximize the return for us.
I highly recommend Meir.


Judah is a gift

Already on the first phone I was treated and listened to and an appointment was made for me that day at a time that was convenient for me, I arrived at the office and Meir was waiting for me and explained to me patiently and answered every question I had, and I had many. Meir gave me several routes that fit our data. After choosing the route that suited us the best, we sent all the topology, when in the end he got us an apartment under excellent conditions. Thank you very much for the service and professionalism. Greetings, Yehuda gift

Natalie Roszek.png

About two and a half years ago, we turned to Meir for mortgage advice, Meir guided us through the process, explained everything that was needed, helped us understand our financial situation and our options, and simply provided excellent service in a pleasant and professional manner. The offer we received with the help of Meir no other bank was even willing to compare.
Beyond that, for the following two years, he was always immediately available for any question, request, or concern we had. Always seriously and patiently.
Now we are preparing to buy another apartment and of course we are back for a new consultation. All along the way Meir's availability and patience is noteworthy. Every two days I have another idea or question and Meir always takes it seriously.

Amiram Savion.png

I contacted Meir in order to arrange the mortgage payments and consolidate loans. Meir accompanied me professionally with great patience. Gave me an overview of the options, future planning (assistance for the children with Schelal payments for university, marriage, etc.). Meir was available for additional questions during the process, helped me with the bank when there were delays. I felt that I always had someone to turn to even after 5 months had passed . Thank you


In general, I recommend that anyone who takes a mortgage take the services of a mortgage consultant. Their price was perfectly fine and in my case it was worth every shekel. Meir Binder adjusted me routes that fit my ability to repay. The interest rates they got me were really good compared to the interest rates that were in the market at that time and there is no way a bank would give such interest rates to a customer who came alone. They kept the amount of monthly repayments close to the amount of rent I pay now and paid off the mortgage for a period of less than twenty years.
In short, recommend.

Professional and tailored service, close accompaniment, attentive ear, psychological ability to contain pressures, in short one stop shop 🏪

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