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Meir Binder



Mortgage advisor. Assists in consulting, management and support in all areas of mortgages, with a special specialization in complex cases, including credit refusals, investments abroad, legal complexities, etc. In addition, specializes in financial consulting in preparation for moving to assisted living.


My story...


I grew up in an ultra-Orthodox family in Jerusalem. In my early twenties I was already serving as a yeshiva rabbi. At the age of 25 I bought an apartment and had to take out a mortgage. I found out that I have no idea about it. At that time, the field of mortgage consulting was not developed and the personal need brought me to study the subject of mortgages. Since then, I returned the question and continued to dive into the field of mortgages that became a profession.


Since 2012 he has been assisting clients as a mortgage consultant. I worked with diverse populations (including the ultra-orthodox sector, the Arab sector, kibbutzim, insurance refusers, residents abroad) and managed thousands of client files in which I helped adjust mortgage routes, manage negotiations with the banks, solve problems and obtain mortgages under the best conditions.


I would love to accompany you too!

Couple Staying Home


Meir Binder accompanied us over a long period until the mortgage was approved. The escort was professional, high quality, serious, accessible, available and always with a lot of patience and care to maximize the return for us.

Limor Fleiderman

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