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Financial advice for moving to sheltered housing


The right place on the perfect route for you


Are you considering moving to assisted living but are afraid of the financial consequences?

Confused about choosing the right frame?

Wondering about the financing options?

If you have reached the age of three, the topic of moving to sheltered housing may have come up - a pampering and supportive setting that will allow you to live comfortably, with services and fun and varied activities in the company of your peers. Apparently, this is a perfect solution, but moving to sheltered housing has significant financial consequences that raise quite a few question marks - can I afford the costs? Will I be left with enough money for future needs (health, abroad, gifts for grandchildren...)? How will this affect the inheritance for the children? And more. These are accompanied by fears of mistakes, of choices that are not optimal, and of their financial consequences. Financial advice for moving to sheltered housing will allow you to make informed decisions and save a lot of money!

Key points in considerations for moving to sheltered housing:

  • Understanding current and future financial needs and sources

  • Examining appropriate frameworks and financing options

  • Monthly budget management under the new conditions

I will help you understand the government rights and benefits in the area of sheltered housing and use them effectively. The service includes consultation and accompaniment at all stages of the process, starting with the mapping of needs, through help in choosing the appropriate institution, financial management of the transition, and up to the adjustment of the monthly budget for life in sheltered housing. The experience and knowledge in the field of mortgages and investments allow you to deploy the best options for financing the sheltered housing, according to your financial situation and personal needs, to facilitate the transition and allow peace and quality of life in the new framework.

If you are considering moving to assisted living, I will be happy to help you in all financial aspects and allow you to make the best choice for you!

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