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optimal conditions. Maximum savings. Peace of Mind

Over the years, the dream of buying an apartment has become a real challenge for many families in Israel. The high apartment prices require taking out heavy mortgages which constitute an increasing part of the monthly expenses and the result - a reduction and a decrease in the quality of life. Changes in the economy such as an increase in interest rates, or constraints at the family level (employment, health, etc.) may affect the repayment ability of the mortgage and endanger your investment.

Therefore, mortgage advice is one of the most important decisions you will make as part of your financial activity!


Nice to meet you,

Meir Binder , mortgage consultant. Assists in consulting, management and support in all areas of mortgages, with a special specialization in complex cases, including credit refusals, investments abroad, legal complexities, etc. In addition, specializes in financial consulting in preparation for moving to assisted living.


Whether you want to purchase an apartment for living or for investment, or whether you own a property and wish to refinance a mortgage to improve the terms of the monthly repayment - I will help you make the best decisions regarding the mortgage path that suits you, obtain the best conditions for you in the banks, and resolve Problems that may appear throughout the process. The result - savings of tens of thousands of shekels, maintenance of quality of life and peace of mind.

Couple Staying Home


Meir Binder accompanied us over a long period until the mortgage was approved. The escort was professional, high quality, serious, accessible, available and always with a lot of patience and care to maximize the return for us.

Limor Fleiderman

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